Eat your fermented foods and probiotics!

If you're in the health community you already know how vital our gut microbe is. It helps the body to digest certain foods, it helps with the production of vitamins, and it's an important part of our immune system. So what happens if the gut microbe becomes unbalanced? This is referred to as dysbiosis and can lead to severe symptoms. 

Dysbiosis occurs when your good bacteria get knocked out and bad, pathogenic bacteria overgrow. Symptoms can range from digestive issues to brain fog and more. 

In order to protect yourself from dysbiosis please take these cautionary steps:

1. Avoid antibiotics. Antibiotics wipe out your gut microbe- and guess what- it doesn't matter if you take probiotics for years, your microbe will never be the same after antibiotics. 

2. If you MUST take antibiotics, don't forget your probiotics! It's always a good idea to supplement probiotics while on antibiotics to prevent fungal overgrowth and dysbiosis.

3. Eat a clean diet. A poor diet full of sugars can also lead to dysbiosis. Remember your good bacteria need prebiotics to survive and thrive. 

4. Avoid NSAIDS, birth control pills, excessive alcohol and other stressful lifestyle factors.