The REAL Reason for Low Thyroid and Natural Fixes

Do you suspect you have a thyroid problem, but your doctor says otherwise?  Is your blood work coming back normal? Guess what... you can have low thyroid function despite what your doctor says.

Many functional doctors argue that the best way to test for thyroid problems is by taking your temperature. To perform this test at home, simply use a mercury thermometer to take your body temperature. (Do NOT use digital, as this can be off by a couple of degrees.) Place the thermometer under your tongue for 5 minutes. If your temperature is lower than 98.6 Fahrenheit then you could benefit from optimizing your thyroid. 

So, what causes the thyroid to go hypo?

  • TOXINS. We are all exposed to a great deal of toxins everyday. Mold toxins, heavy metals, BPA'S, and pesticides in our food contribute to thyroid problems. Toxins create inflammation and block the conversion of T4 to active T3.
  • ANTIBODIES due to inflammation and autoimmune disease. Gluten can actually confuse the immune system through a process called molecular mimicry and create a cascade of inflammation and or disease. 
  • GUT DYSBIOSIS. Lack of beneficial bacteria in your gut can contribute to poor conversion of thyroid hormones. 
  • STRESS. High cortisol blocks the conversion of of T4 to T3.
  • VITAMIN AND MINERAL DEFICIENCIES. Our food sources today are lacking in many vital minerals. The thyroid needs vitamin A, vitamin D, selenium, zinc, and iodine. 

The take away? It is possible to heal your thyroid by following my recommendations below.

  • Detox toxins. Sign up for my two-week Deep Detox program to properly remove endocrine disruptors, Make a conscious effort to avoid toxins. Buy BPA free, eat organic to minimize your pesticide exposure, remove amalgam fillings, and switch to all natural cosmetic products. 
  • Reduce inflammation. Many people suffer from unknown food allergies wrecking havoc on their bodies. Avoid your allergens, avoid all grains (especially gluten), and follow a diet that is low in lectins.
  • Heal your gut by removing infections and repopulating with beneficial bacteria. Start with a soil based probiotic such as Prescript-Assist. Sign up for my Gut Health program to optimize your microbes.
  • Reduce stress. Simply put, stop sweating the small stuff, like NOW! Take time for yourself. Start practicing yoga. A great way to detox and de-stress is by using an infrared sauna. 
  • Optimize your vitamin and mineral levels. Have them checked by your health care provider, and discuss supplementation in important minerals such as zinc, iodine and selenium. 

 If you would like additional information on how you can heal your thyroid without taking meds, please schedule a consult.