Eat Butter to Burn Fat and Gain Muscle!

Well- kind of.

I'm talking about Ketosis. Ketosis is a powerful way to burn fat, lower insulin levels, gain muscle and reduce inflammation. To enter into ketosis you need to be eating a VERY low carb, high fat diet. Think Paleo and Kerrygold Butter (unsalted, per Dave Asprey!) combined! Sounds weird right? All our lives we were told not to eat fat, but more and more studies are proving the benefits of high fat diets.

How does ketosis work? In simple terms; when you stop eating sugar and carbs your body runs out of glucose right? Well when your body has no more glucose, you start to produce molecules called Ketones in your liver. When ketosis sets in your body will use your stored fat as energy instead of glycogen.

Here's an example of what I eat when I am practicing ketosis:

  • Breakfast: Black Coffee + TBS Great Lakes Collagen Protein Powder + TBS Kerrygold Butter + splash of MCT oil all blended into a frothy delight! And a protein shake of choice. 

 If you're a male, skip the collagen protein powder. You'll enter into ketosis quickly if you fast until 12:00pm or lunch time when you have your first meal. The protein powder is for women's fragile hormones. 

  • Lunch: Chicken salad + MCT oil. 

MCT oil helps your body get into ketosis faster.

  • Dinner: Salmon with Kerrygold Butter + steamed broccoli topped with butter.

Before trying a ketosis diet, please work with a professional. If you'd like more information on weight loss and ketosis please schedule a one on one consult.