How to Increase Your Testosterone

Who doesn't want to be lean and muscular? Lets face it, we all want more testosterone. 

In women, testosterone helps to create a lean and muscular look. It also helps women maintain bone mass, and even contributes to their sex drive. It's anti-aging and helps to improve cognitive function! 

In men, testosterone is obviously very important! If testosterone becomes too low in a male, he may experience excess body fat, fatigue, loss of muscle mass, depression, irritability, and more. 

So how can we increase our testosterone for optimal performance? First, lets talk about things you want to AVOID DOING. 

  • Stress. I say this a lot, but seriously don't sweat the small stuff. Watch your cortisol dudes! 
  • Lack of Sleep. My boyfriend has finally caught onto my preaching of blocking out blue lights, and he's noticing amazing results from it. Take a break from computers and TVS at night. The blue light is scientifically proven to disrupt your brain and the signals that enable you to fall asleep. 
  • Soy. Stay away from it seriously! All that tofu crap is not going to make you skinny chicks, and its actually hurting you more than you know. 
  • Infections. Lyme, or any other chronic infections affecting your HPA axis. 
  • Inflammation. Watch your diet and practice eating an anti-inflammatory diet. I LOVE a KETO diet! And even better, I have a done for you ketogenic program to reset your hormones! 

After you start practicing what NOT to do, you can begin implementing some tricks and tips in my toolbox and watch your body start to change. Here's what you SHOULD DO:

  • Keto Diet. High fat diets can help increase testosterone and reset your hormones. 
  • Boron, Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin D3. Take these supplements male or female and your body will say thank you! 
  • DHEA. If you want to supplement with DHEA, please work with me so I can make sure you are not aromatizing your testosterone into estrogen! DIM is a great aromatizing inhibitor! 
  • Curcumin. Not only is it anti-inflammatory, but its proven in studies to help raise testosterone.  
  • Yoga. Great for guys too. Especially because you guys need to take a break from heavy lifting and focus in on your mental health every now and then. Its great for relaxation, lowering your cortisol and resetting your nervous system so your hypothalamus works better, which in turn helps your testosterone! I recommend trying it at least once a week.