It's your hormones babe!

If you're struggling to lose weight, I am here to tell you it's not how much you work out, and it's not how many calories you count, it's your hormones babe! 

The good news- is that there are many tips and tricks you can implement to reset your hormones and take control of your weight again! 

Also- stay tuned for my Sexy Hormone Reset Facebook group. This group will be a free private community where I share all of my top scientifically proven tricks to biohack hormones and help shed the extra weight! I will occasionally have other health experts join in for LIVE videos as well, and share their knowledge with you! 

Now let's talk about the major hormones involved in your weight. 

  1. Estrogen: causes weight gain when it's too high in comparison to progesterone. This may confuse you if you're menopausal, but you can still have estrogen dominance if you're menopausal because your estrogen might be low, but your progesterone is still even lower. This is why many hormone doctors supplement with natural progesterone cream. Join my group for tips and tricks to fix this! 
  2. Insulin: causes weight gain when you eat sugar and complex carbs because it raises your blood sugar signaling your pancreas to release more insulin. High insulin levels tells your body to hang onto fat and store it instead of burning it! This is why changing your diet is critical to reset insulin resistance! 
  3. Leptin: Similar to insulin, leptin tells the body to hang onto fat and also tells us when we are hungry and to overeat. Many people are leptin resistant and don't know it! Are you overweight? Do you have a very hard time losing weight? Do you have a huge appetite? Then you're probably leptin resistant. To reset leptin there's a specific diet that my all time fav Dr. Jack Kruse created which works wonders! I have implemented this myself as Lyme caused some minor leptin issues for me, and saw a huge difference. I will be working with individuals in my group to help you reset your leptin! 
  4. Cortisol: causes weight gain because it raises blood sugar levels, causes you to crave carbs, and contributes to visceral fat in the midsection. Control your stress! More stress = more cortisol = weight gain.
  5. Thyroid: causes weight gain for several reasons. If you're hypo with a low TSH you will gain weight. Also you may have poor T3 conversion or T3 resistance due to inflammation you will notice weight gain. Thyroid problems won't necessarily show up in blood work unless you work with an experienced thyroid doctor who will take your Free T4, TSH, Reverse T3, Thyroglobulin Antibodies, and Free T3. In my workshop I will be teaching you how you can heal your thyroid with diet and supplements.