Health Coaching Programs


All subscription plans come with a free 20 minute consultation. However, you can purchase a follow up session below:


One on one consult:

50 minutes

Expect a very detailed health consultation to address your health concerns and create a plan to reach your goals.


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 mold illness:

6 months

Heal your body from biotoxins and recover your health. This program is designed to assess your illness and guide you through the CIRS protocol. Expect three consults, a detailed guide taking you through the specific steps of Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, natural supplements to detox your body, a mold free diet plan and more.

$200 / month

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Gut health:

4 months

Heal your gut by removing inflammation, infections and food allergens. Includes three coaching sessions. Also includes food journal checkups, meal plans, unlimited email support, custom handouts and more.

$175/ month


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Deep detox:

2 weeks

Are you ready to feel the best you've ever felt? This program is designed to increase your energy, help you lose weight, and become more optimal. Includes two coaching sessions, vegan and gluten free meal plans, shopping lists and unlimited email support. 


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EASY weight loss:

1 month

Ready to feel good in a swimsuit? Get rid of the bloat? Expect to feel full and satisfied while not counting calories. Includes two coaching sessions, meal plans, fitness plans and more.

$120 / month


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20 minute follow up $65

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 ketosis program:

2 weeks

Lose weight, gain muscle and upgrade your performance with this two week quick start ketosis program. Designed to help you understand how ketosis works, you will be able to take charge of your weight and fitness goals. Expect one consult discussing your goals and obstacles, supplement recommendations, meal plans, custom handouts, and unlimited email support.


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