Brittney can really help you out and is very reasonably priced. She also can coach you on weight loss, gut health, detox, diet, etc. I've met with a lot of Dr.'s in nearly 10 years with this (lyme & mold) and I would take her over most put together. Just a really great person with a wealth of knowledge who truly cares about making sure you get better no matter what that takes.

Billy J.


As a mother of four I found myself constantly stressed and overeating. Brit helped me to gain control of it (overeating) and lose weight. She held me accountable, and was there for me at all hours of the day. I'm only a couple weeks in and have already lost weight. I'm excited to finally reach my goal and to be able to play with my kids.  

Rhonda W. 



I am amazed with the amount of information Brittney knows and how much she's willing to help others. She knows how tough a health wellness battle can be she endured it herself, so she understands and essentially that's the kind of healthcare you should aim for. 

ANYONE whether healthy or chronically ill could benefit from her services. If you're healthy, she'll assure that you'll stay that way.

Caroline E.




This program has helped me lose the extra weight I never could shed. I used to try fad diets and diet pills all the time. Brit taught me that it's about making small lifestyle changes. I feel more in control of my life and my weight for the first time in 20 years. 

Karin S.